Bidding on eBay
By Grant Copland
Once you find some item that you are interested in on eBay, like a great piece of antique sterling silver, it's a simple process to go from there to placing your bid. You click the “Place Bid” button that is next to the item's listing. Then you enter your maximum bid that you would be willing to pay for the item. Next, click the “Continue” button. And finally, make sure your bid is as you want it to be, and click the “Confirm” button.
Now, from this point on, eBay will bid on your behalf, up to the maximum that you have set. An email will come to you as a confirmation on your bid. eBay's bidding system goes by increments. What this means for you is the amount by which your bid on that antique sterling silver item will be raised every time a raise is in fact made. This is an automatic bidding system, you don't need to do anything except set it up. If you ever need to change your bid amount, then click the “Back to Item” link that you'll see at the bottom of the page. There, you can lower or raise your bid amount.
In order to keep you protected, eBay limits the ways in which your bids are listed. When the price or the highest bid on an item of interest to you reaches or goes past a certain level, other members of eBay cannot see information about you such as your User ID on the Bid Page history. Only the seller can see your User ID from this point on. At this point you receive an unrevealing name like Bidder 5 or something like that. eBay itself sets the limit at which your User ID and other personal information cannot be seen. They use their judgment to keep you safe.
Remember not to bid on identical listings of the same antique sterling silver if you are only trying to buy one of that item. You'll have to pay for both if you win both. Also, if you get outbid on some antique sterling silver, you want to wait until the auction has ended before going and placing a bid on an equivalent piece. If the person who outbid you retracts her bid, then yours could become the winning bid. There is a list of items that you are watching posted over on your My eBay page, and you can place the identical piece that you want over there to keep track of it.
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