The Popularity of Antique Sterling Silver
By Grant Copland

In recent years antique sterling silver has been one of the most popular of all antiques to buy and collect (and therefore sell). On many online auctions like eBay, antique sterling silver is a top-ten selling item. Furthermore, it seems that at estate auctions in recent times it takes a great amount of stamina to be placing bids on the antique sterling silver collection of the estate.
Sellers are getting rid of and making good money from bowls, pierced baskets, calling card cases, fish knives, tea caddy spoons, serving spoons, and chargers. While a lot of these sales are being made to people who wish to beef up their own private collections, some of these are also going to people who are buying sterling silver to be presented as gifts. Sterling silver gifts have been a big part of Christmas gifting, anniversary gifting, wedding gifting, and milestone gifting.
Remember all that sterling silver brought out for the holiday dinners? Ever think about all those sterling silver picture frames that you have photos of your children and family and friends in? Some people can probably remember sipping tea from their grandmothers' tea sets of sterling silver. Antique sterling silver items add a touch of grace and beauty to people's lives.
Something that has really become popular these days with respect to sales of antique sterling silver is the buying of cocktail items. Well, cocktail hour has returned, and thus the latest craze in sterling silver items. Stirrers, trays, picks, shakers, ice buckets are all moving on the auction marketplace. And moreover, so are more “exotic” cocktail-related items such as wine funnels, claret jugs, mint julip cups of sterling silver.
Silver, especially of the quality level of sterling silver and also “fine” silver (nearly-pure silver) has several desirable traits such as ductility, malleability, and reflectivity. Silver reflects a great deal of the light that strikes it, which is why polished silver is so gorgeous, and the way that silver can be worked has made it a highly desired material for craftsmen to work in for at least several thousands of years.
And, silver conducts heat more efficiently than any other metal but gold and platinum. And here is something of interest to medical science and hygienics: silver kills bacteria—and those things can live practically anywhere and through anything! In fact, some antique surgical instruments are actually made out of sterling silver. Indeed, antique sterling silver medical implements from the 1800s are a highly collectible thing right now.
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